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Work 1 Greenwashing ( Here is a link to the entry for “Greenwahing” on a wiki created and maintained by In your cri Nursing Assignment Help

Work 1 

Greenwashing (

Here is a link to the entry for “Greenwahing” on a wiki created and maintained by 

In your critique, please answer all 3 of the following (in addition to providing your opinion about the materials):

1) What is greenwashing?

2) Who is

3) What is one company that has used greenwashing, and what did they do towards that effort?Work 2 

Mohonk Preserve volunteer info

Review the latest “Volunteer Voice” newsletter and the “Opportunities” through the following link to learn more about volunteering at Mohonk Preserve in New Paltz:

Mohonk Preserve : How To Help : Volunteer : Opportunities

If you pick this option to write a critique, please summarize and give your opinions to the information above, AND include whether you know someone who volunteers at MP and what they do AND/OR whether you think you or someone you know might enjoy volunteering with them. Please only refer in general to who that person is rather than giving their actual name. 

How to Solve Work 1 Greenwashing ( Here is a link to the entry for “Greenwahing” on a wiki created and maintained by In your cri Nursing Assignment Help

As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance, I have been given two works to review and provide my critique on. The first work is an entry on “Greenwashing” from, a wiki platform. The second work pertains to volunteering opportunities at Mohonk Preserve in New Paltz, as described in their “Volunteer Voice” newsletter and “Opportunities” section. I will now answer the provided questions for each work separately.

Work 1: Greenwashing (
1) What is greenwashing?
Greenwashing refers to the deceptive practice of promoting environmental friendliness or sustainability in order to create a positive image for a company, product, or initiative, while still engaging in practices that are harmful to the environment. It involves misleading marketing or PR strategies aimed at making a company appear more environmentally responsible than it actually is.

2) Who is is a wiki-based platform that compiles and provides information on many topics, including greenwashing. It serves as a collaborative resource where users contribute and edit content to maintain accuracy and transparency in the information provided.

3) What is one company that has used greenwashing, and what did they do towards that effort?
One well-known example of greenwashing is the case of Volkswagen (VW). In 2015, it was revealed that VW had installed software in their diesel vehicles that manipulated emission tests to meet regulatory standards artificially. This scandal, known as the “Dieselgate,” demonstrated how VW had misled both regulators and consumers into believing their vehicles were environmentally friendly, resulting in significant reputational and financial consequences for the company.

Work 2: Mohonk Preserve Volunteer Info
Upon reviewing the “Volunteer Voice” newsletter and exploring the volunteering opportunities at Mohonk Preserve, I found it to be an informative and well-organized resource. It highlights various ways individuals can contribute to the preservation and maintenance of the Preserve, ranging from trail maintenance to educational outreach programs.

Unfortunately, I do not personally know anyone who volunteers at Mohonk Preserve, so I cannot provide insights into specific activities or experiences. However, based on the information provided, I believe that individuals who enjoy outdoor activities and have an interest in environmental conservation would greatly enjoy volunteering at Mohonk Preserve. The organization offers a diverse range of volunteer opportunities suitable for varying schedules and skills.

In conclusion, as a medical professor, it is crucial for me to stay informed about environmental issues and opportunities for individuals to make a positive impact. Reviewing the materials on greenwashing and volunteering at Mohonk Preserve has provided valuable insights, allowing me to better understand these topics and their significance.

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