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UMGC Education for Disabled Persons Discussion Nursing Assignment Help

In this last discussion, select a disability issue and elaborate on

your own experiences OR a case study(you can choose from our classroom cases and/or TED talks, or find your own from the current events below-such as a current paralympian, see current event suggestions). One paragraph.

How one discussion and/or course readings(one paragraph), and current events relate to this issue(one paragraph, see suggestions below).

Note: we already have discussions and course readings, see below for current event sources:

Current event suggestions to choose from :

The Paralympics(this is perfect timing for us, since it is currently going on, some really inspiring atheletes in there)

And here is a young Olympian who uses rap to fuel his championship swimming!

There are also many breaking news coverage on the particular athletes that you can find. All inspiring!

Here’s our amazing team USA! Go, champions, go!

Disability scoop-covers a lot of the latest finds.

National news center on disability and journalism-latest in the field, and even an Oscar(check out the acceptance speech in sign language, among other things). To the left of the screen you can check out material related to your topic of interest, since it has a wide category to choose from.

Added as case study current events-Dr Stephen Hawking. RIP.

Expert Solution Preview

For this assignment, I have chosen to focus on the disability issue of paralympians. Paralympics is currently taking place, providing an excellent opportunity to explore this issue and gain inspiration from the athletes’ incredible achievements. In addition to the discussions and course readings we have covered, there are also various current event sources that can shed further light on this topic, including disability scoop, national news center on disability and journalism, and the case study of Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Paralympians represent an exceptional group of individuals who have defied physical limitations to excel in sports. Their dedication, resilience, and accomplishments are truly inspiring. By discussing the disability issue of paralympians, we can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges they face and the triumphs they achieve. Furthermore, it helps us appreciate the importance of inclusivity, accessibility, and equal opportunities for individuals with disabilities within the field of sports. The discussions and course readings provide foundational knowledge about disability rights, adaptive sports, and the impact of disability on individuals’ lives. By connecting these concepts with current events such as the Paralympics, students can see real-life examples of individuals overcoming adversity and challenging societal norms. These events serve as powerful reminders that disability does not define a person’s abilities or potential for success.

Note: The answer can be personalized further by sharing personal experiences or referring to specific case studies from the mentioned sources.

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