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Timeline Poster

Part 1: Timeline Poster

For Part 1 of this assignment, the student will create a timeline poster on the advancement of one of the following health information technologies

Patient Centered Medical Homes
Patient Portals
Patient Safety
Patient education
Personal Health Record Telehealth

Choose one of the health information technologies listed above. Research the technology. Then pick the beginning point and end with the current year for the timeline poster of this technology.

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Timeline Poster

Nursing Assignment Help

For this assignment, medical college students are required to create a timeline poster on the advancement of a health information technology. The students will choose one of the health information technologies provided, conduct research on the chosen technology, and create a timeline poster that spans from the beginning point to the current year. This assignment aims to enhance students’ understanding of the development and progress of health information technologies in the field of medicine.

To complete Part 1 of the assignment, students will need to choose one of the given health information technologies – Patient Centered Medical Homes, Patient Portals, Patient Safety, Patient Education, Personal Health Record, or Telehealth. After selecting a technology, students are expected to conduct thorough research to understand its evolution and advancements over time.

Once students have gathered enough information, they can proceed to create a timeline poster that depicts the significant milestones, events, and improvements associated with the chosen health information technology. The timeline should span from the beginning point of the technology’s development to the current year, allowing the viewers to visualize the progression and impact of the technology.

The timeline poster should be visually appealing and well-organized, including concise descriptions and key dates or years that highlight important advancements. Students are encouraged to use creative elements such as graphs, charts, images, or icons to enhance the visual representation and make the timeline engaging and informative.

It is essential for students to accurately depict the advancements and developments associated with the chosen technology. They should pay attention to the accuracy of the information gathered during their research and ensure its reliable sources. Additionally, students should consider the significance of each milestone or event included in the timeline, emphasizing those that greatly influenced the technology’s evolution and adoption in the medical field.

By completing this assignment, students will deepen their knowledge and understanding of the chosen health information technology while improving their research and presentation skills. The timeline poster will provide a comprehensive overview of the advancements made in the field, facilitating the students’ ability to analyze the impact of health information technologies on patient care and medical practices.

As a medical professor, I would evaluate the students’ timeline posters based on their accuracy, completeness, organization, visual appeal, and the inclusion of significant milestones. I would also provide constructive feedback to help students further improve their understanding of the technology and enhance their presentation skills.

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