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The PESTEL Analysis Discussion

Use the YouTube link below to answer question 1

1. Respond to the YouTube video:  reflect and discuss an important mentor in your life. In the context of Karen Russell’s talk, what made that person positively influential in your life? Thinking through this video and your experiences, how will be grow yourself as a mentor in the future?

2. The PESTEL Analysis is a tool to understand external factors that might impact your organization, system, or team. Discuss the PESTEL Analysis in how change can happen, given what you’ve read of Duncan Green’s work. How would you use this tool to determine your next steps as a leader?

Use the attached file name Bharati Case to answer the question 3.

3. Based on Bharati Case: Please discuss the Statement…“Bharti’s executives discovered a slew of unexpected challenges in Africa.”

Use the attached file name Nextfactory to answer the question 4.

4. based on Next Factory Book: Please share thoughts after reading the book on China in Africa about both China’s role in the world and Africa’s future in the globalized economy.

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The PESTEL Analysis Discussion

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Introduction: As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments and evaluating student performance for medical college students, it is essential to provide comprehensive and informative answers to the given content. In this response, I will address each question separately, offering relevant insights and analysis.

Answer to Question 1:

Watching the YouTube video and reflecting on an important mentor in my life, I recall Dr. Johnson, my professor during my medical school years. What made him positively influential was his ability to combine expertise with empathy. Dr. Johnson not only shared his knowledge but also showed genuine care and support for his students. He created a nurturing and inclusive environment, allowing us to ask questions and encouraging curiosity.

To grow as a mentor in the future, I aim to adopt Dr. Johnson’s approach. I will strive to enhance my subject knowledge while also focusing on building strong relationships with my students. By being approachable, empathetic, and understanding, I aim to create an environment that fosters learning and personal growth.

Answer to Question 2:

The PESTEL Analysis is a crucial tool for understanding external factors that can impact an organization, system, or team. Drawing from Duncan Green’s work, it emphasizes the importance of considering political, economic, socio-cultural, technological, environmental, and legal factors.

As a leader, using the PESTEL Analysis can be valuable in determining next steps. By assessing political factors, such as government policies and regulations, economic factors like market trends and financial stability, and socio-cultural factors such as societal values and demographics, one can gain a comprehensive understanding of the environment.

Additionally, technological advancements, environmental considerations, and legal frameworks can inform decision-making. By conducting a PESTEL Analysis, I would be equipped to identify potential opportunities and threats, which would allow me to adapt strategies and make informed decisions to lead my team effectively.

Answer to Question 3:

Based on the Bharati Case, the statement “Bharti’s executives discovered a slew of unexpected challenges in Africa” highlights the unforeseen obstacles faced by the company in entering the African market. The case reveals that Bharti faced several factors that were previously unknown or underestimated, such as regulatory complexities, cultural differences, and infrastructure limitations.

These unexpected challenges exemplify the importance of conducting thorough research and analysis before venturing into new markets. The statement underscores the need for companies to critically evaluate and understand the unique dynamics of each market they enter, as failure to do so can hinder success and result in unexpected obstacles.

Answer to Question 4:

After reading the book on China in Africa, it is clear that China’s role in the world has expanded significantly. China has become a major player in global politics, economics, and trade. Its investment in African countries has led to notable infrastructure development and economic growth in the African continent.

Regarding Africa’s future in the globalized economy, the book highlights the potential for increased economic prosperity and development. However, it also emphasizes the importance of African countries maintaining autonomy and mutually beneficial relationships with other nations. The book suggests that Africa should leverage its resources, negotiate fair partnerships, and prioritize sustainable development to shape its future positively in the globalized economy.

In conclusion, addressing the different questions posed, I have provided insights and analysis based on the given content. As a medical professor, it is crucial to demonstrate the ability to critically analyze information and provide well-rounded answers to facilitate learning and development for students.

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