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The Gemba Walk at Mayo Clinic Health & Medical Paper

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Upon completion of all three parts of the Integrative Paper, you will have brought together the systems theories, contemporary research, and your application of this work to a real-world opportunity for improvement. The result will be recommendations for change and innovation through the lens of systems thinking.     

Read the Integrative Paper Guidelines to prepare for this final of three assignments during this course. 

Review the results from your analysis of a problem or innovation opportunity conducted in Week 5. 

Write the 1,050- to 1,225-word “Application” section of your integrative paper in which you do the following:

  • State the specific problem or innovation opportunity.
  • Summarize the setting within the health care organization       where this problem/opportunity exists.  
  • Identify and describe the stakeholders involved and those       who are essential to effecting change (and why).
  • Describe the recommended solution in complex systems       thinking terms. 
  • Specify the expected outcomes and how they will be measured,       including (but not limited to) how results from this solution contribute       to the organization’s pursuit of the Triple Aim.
  • Present a synthesis of the specific theories, conceptual       models, and research into complex systems thinking and innovation that       support your recommended solution. Be persuasive by drawing on scholarly       sources used in the “Breadth” and “Depth” sections.

Write a 350- to 700-word “Conclusion” section for the paper in which you do the following:

  • Discuss how the solution will improve the performance of the       health care organization.
  • Contribute to the knowledge and understanding of the broader       health care ecosystem and discuss how such problems or opportunities can       be addressed in other organizations.

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The Gemba Walk at Mayo Clinic Health & Medical Paper

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In this integrative paper assignment, you will be required to bring together the concepts of systems theories, contemporary research, and your own application of this knowledge to a real-world problem or innovation opportunity in the healthcare organization. By focusing on systems thinking, you will be able to recommend effective changes and innovations that align with the organization’s goals. The paper consists of two sections: the “Application” section and the “Conclusion” section.

Answer to the Content:
Application Section:
1. Specific problem or innovation opportunity:
State the specific problem or innovation opportunity that you have analyzed in your previous analysis conducted in Week 5.

2. Setting within the health care organization:
Summarize the setting within the healthcare organization where this problem or opportunity exists. Provide a brief description of the organizational context and the specific unit or department within the organization where the problem or opportunity is most prominent.

3. Stakeholders involved and essential to effecting change:
Identify and describe the stakeholders involved in the problem or opportunity. These stakeholders may include healthcare providers, administrators, patients, regulatory bodies, and other relevant parties. Explain why these stakeholders are essential to effecting change and how their involvement can contribute to the successful implementation of your recommended solution.

4. Recommended solution in complex systems thinking terms:
Describe your recommended solution using the concepts of complex systems thinking. Explain how your solution considers the interdependencies and interactions among various components and stakeholders within the healthcare organization. Highlight how your solution goes beyond simple cause-and-effect relationships and takes into account the dynamic nature of the system.

5. Expected outcomes and measurement:
Specify the expected outcomes of your recommended solution. These outcomes should be aligned with the organization’s pursuit of the Triple Aim, which encompasses improving patient experience, improving population health, and reducing healthcare costs. Additionally, describe how these outcomes will be measured and evaluated. Provide specific metrics or indicators that will be used to assess the impact of the solution.

6. Synthesis of theories and research:
Present a synthesis of the specific theories, conceptual models, and research related to complex systems thinking and innovation that support your recommended solution. Draw upon scholarly sources used in the “Breadth” and “Depth” sections of your paper to provide a persuasive argument for the effectiveness of your solution. Demonstrate a deep understanding of the theories and concepts discussed in the course.

Conclusion Section:
1. Improvement of healthcare organization’s performance:
Discuss how your recommended solution will improve the performance of the healthcare organization. Highlight the specific areas that will benefit from the proposed changes or innovations. Explain how the solution addresses the identified problem or opportunity and contributes to enhancing the organization’s effectiveness, efficiency, quality of care, or other relevant performance measures.

2. Contribution to the broader healthcare ecosystem:
Reflect on the broader implications of addressing such problems or opportunities in other healthcare organizations. Discuss how the knowledge and understanding gained from this analysis can contribute to the broader healthcare ecosystem. Explore how similar problems or opportunities can be addressed in other organizations, considering the unique contextual factors and challenges they may face.

By addressing these assignment requirements, you will demonstrate your understanding of systems thinking in healthcare, your ability to apply this knowledge to real-world problems, and your skills in synthesizing theories and research to support your recommendations.

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