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Generate one diagram that you would use in an executive meeting to show your IT acquisition steps using the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Include steps such as the acquisition, implementation, and support of the technology infrastructure solution that you chose. Paste this diagram in a PowerPoint slide and post the slide as an attachment to your Discussion thread. You need not include speaker notes as part of this slide. The aim of this diagram is to summarize the activities that you conducted in each of your SDLC steps in one clear visual representation. A stakeholder should be able to look at your diagram and see a summary of your SDLC steps from acquiring the technology through its anticipated support stage. Activities should be succinctly summarized in the diagram, highlighting the most important activities for the executive audience.

In your Discussion thread briefly highlight 3–5 major assumptions that you made in acquiring this infrastructure solution. The Discussion is the opportunity to expand on the process and steps that you used in developing your visual Systems Lifecycle Diagram. Describe the type of non-health care organization are you are referencing in your acquisition strategy. Why is this non-health care example relevant in the acquisition of this technology? How can learning from this industry be applied to health care? Explain your assumptions regarding scope, cost, and use of this technology.

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The Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a structured approach followed by organizations in the implementation of new IT systems or technology infrastructure. As a medical professor tasked with preparing college assignments for medical college students, I have designed a plan that includes generating a diagram presenting the acquisition steps of IT infrastructure using SDLC. This diagram will be used in an executive meeting to show the progress of the acquisition, implementation, and support stages selected for the technology infrastructure solution. Additionally, I have made some assumptions that I will briefly highlight in my discussion thread, including the type of non-health care organization I am referencing and how lessons from this industry can be applied in health care.

Attached is a PowerPoint slide containing a visual representation of the SDLC steps used in acquiring the IT infrastructure. The diagram highlights the four main phases namely planning, development, testing, and implementation. The project progresses through these phases, ensuring the necessary checkpoints are met, such as the design, functional testing, and acceptance tests conducted before implementation.

In acquiring the IT infrastructure solution, there were several assumptions made, including:
1. The non-healthcare organization we referenced was in the banking industry. The banking industry is relevant because it also handles sensitive information and has established strict protocols to secure this information.
2. Lessons learned from the banking industry in acquiring the technology infrastructure can be applied to the healthcare industry, such as adhering to stringent security processes and procedures in handling patient data.
3. The scope of the technology infrastructure solution would be limited to specific business units in the healthcare organization.
4. The cost of acquiring and implementing the technology infrastructure solution would fall within the organization’s budget for IT expenses.
5. The use of the technology infrastructure would be for enhancing data management, security, and analysis in the healthcare organization.

In summary, the visual representation of SDLC steps will aid in presenting the progress of IT infrastructure acquisition, implementation, and support. Additionally, the assumptions made in this acquisition process will ensure a successful implementation of the technology infrastructure solution, which will enhance data management, security, and analysis in the healthcare organization. The banking industry, which was used as a reference, has established protocols that healthcare institutions can adopt to ensure data security and patient confidentiality.

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