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Systems Approach To Advancing Medication Safety Flyer Nursing Assignment Help

This week you will begin working on your Week 8 Assignment: Special Topics in Career Development due before Tuesday in Week 8.

There are two options to this assignment. Choose one to complete, based on your interest in the topic. In either option, select the same job position you chose to explore in the Term Project. Regardless of the option you choose, limit your assignment to (5) pages and support your ideas with a minimum of (4) credible sources. Please review the Assignment Grading rubric before completing this assignment. 

Option 1: Career Development Planning

Design an example of a career development plan for the job position you chose in the Term Project. Define and utilize the following tools in your plan:

  • Career Planning Inventories
  • Self-assessments
  • Potential career trajectories
  • Succession planning

Limit your assignment to 5 pages. Use each question posed as a section header in the paper. Support your rationale for this plan using a minimum of (4) credible sources in addition to the textbook. Use APA formatting guidelines.

Option 2: Compensation, Benefits, Training, Development, and Advancement

Describe the following areas relative to the position chosen in the Term Project:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits offered
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Advancement opportunities

Review the contemporary approaches to pay provided below: 

Based on a sample of companies that offer that position, which approach to pay is likely to be used? Why? Include a minimum of (3) companies in your sample.

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