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story time 5


This is a fun—and challenging—way to reinforce the meaning of medical words and the word elements is to create a story using the words and word elements from chapter 16-19. The medical words and word elements are to be substituted for words in a appropriate story that you make. Submit your story in the text box below. I will not open file attachments. Once posted you will be able to see others stories and will be able to read and comment/ like others if you choose.

Original post must have:


-a title (5pts)

-use a minimum of 10 different word elements.  If terms are repeated in the story, they only count once towards the ten (10) total. (10 pts each). 

-ONLY terms on the list below count towards the ten (10) total. Terms in the example are NOT included.

Here is an example story:

The Great Bulge

“Pierre was a (glyc/o)  sweet  little old man. He suffered from (inguin/o hernia)  tissue protruding through wall of muscle in the groin .  Pierre suffered  great (-algia ) pain.  He needs to have it (plasty)  surgical repair before the hernia (-megaly) enlargement. Pierre is ready for surgery and will be under anesthesia by a (anesthesia-logist) specializes in the study of.  The surgeon will make (-tomy) incision into the( inguin) groin area to  ( -rrhaphy)  suturing/repair  the hernia.  The Surgeon can do this repair ( laparo/scopic) viewing with a scope through abdomen.

Here is a list of words to choose from:


1. balan/o

1. -arche

1. amni/o

1. cephal/o

2. crypt/o

2. cervic/o

2. ante-

2. crypt/o

3. epididym/o

3. colp/o

3. culd/o

3. hydr/o

4. hydr/o

4. gynec/o

4. -cyesis

4. hypo-

5. orchi/o, orch/o, orchid/o

5. hyster/o

5. episi/o

5. micr/o

6. semin/i

6. mamm/o

6. fet/o

6. aut/o

7. sperm/o, spermat/o

7. men/o

7. -gravida

7. omphal/o

8. prostat/o

8. metr/o, metri/o,

8. hyper-

8. pedi/a

9. vas/o

9. mast/o

9. lact/o

9. pyr/o

10. zo/o

10. o/o

10. multi-

10. tetr/a

11. oophor/o

11. nat/o

12. -rrhea

12. nulli-

13. salping/o

13. -para

14. vagin/o

14. primi-

15. vulv/o

15. obstetr/o

16. uter/o

16. perine/o

17. ovari/o

17. salping/o

18. ov/o

18. -tocia

19. ante-

19. vagin/o

20. dys-

20. pelv/i 

How to solve

story time 5

Nursing Assignment Help

Title: The Puzzling Pregnancy

Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived a woman named Rachel. She was in her early twenties and had dreams of becoming a doctor. Rachel had been trying to conceive a child with her husband Mark for a long time. However, they faced some challenges due to Rachel’s ([dys-]) difficulties with her reproductive system.

Rachel visited a renowned obstetrician named Dr. Johnson who specialized in ([pelv/i]) the pelvic region. After a thorough examination, Dr. Johnson diagnosed Rachel with ([nulli-]) infertility and suggested fertility treatments. Rachel felt a mix of emotions – hope, excitement, and nervousness.

The first step of the treatment involved hormone injections to stimulate Rachel’s ovaries ([ov/o]), followed by in vitro fertilization. Rachel’s eggs were collected and fertilized with Mark’s ([sperm/o, spermat/o]) sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized embryos were then implanted into Rachel’s uterus ([metr/o, metri/o]).

As weeks passed by, Rachel’s body started showing signs of pregnancy. Her ovary ([ovari/o]), which had been dormant for so long, was now active and producing hormones necessary for the baby’s growth. Rachel experienced morning sickness, tiredness, and an increased urge to urinate, which were all normal symptoms during ([-cyesis]) pregnancy.

Rachel’s pregnancy journey was closely monitored by Dr. Johnson. During each prenatal visit, Rachel’s blood pressure, weight, and urine were examined for any signs of complications. To ensure everything was going smoothly, Dr. Johnson also performed regular ultrasounds ([ultrason/o]) to check the baby’s development.

As Rachel’s due date approached, she started feeling anxious about the upcoming delivery. Dr. Johnson explained the different types of delivery, including vaginal delivery ([vagin/o]) and cesarean section. Rachel opted for a vaginal delivery but was worried about the possibility of excessive bleeding ([-rrhea]).

Finally, the day arrived when Rachel went into labor. She was rushed to the hospital, where the maternity ward was buzzing with excitement. Rachel’s contractions intensified, and she relied on Lamaze breathing techniques to manage the pain. Dr. Johnson continuously monitored Rachel’s progress and the baby’s heart rate.

After hours of labor, Rachel successfully gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She and Mark were overjoyed and named their daughter Emily. Rachel’s journey from infertility to motherhood had been long and challenging, but it was all worth it in the end.

Rachel’s story inspired many couples struggling with fertility issues. She became a source of hope and motivation as she pursued her dream of becoming a doctor specializing in reproductive medicine. Rachel’s determination and the support she received from Dr. Johnson changed the lives of many families in the community.

The Puzzling Pregnancy – a story of love, faith, and the miracles of modern medicine that bring joy to those longing for a child.

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