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SBAR Appalachian College of Pharmacy Case Study Worksheet

1) Read the SBAR pre class activity instructions and go through the patient case. Use sources like lexicomp or drug facts and comparisons to look for any drug interactions that may relate to the patient case. The communication tool is there to guide you for what to say for the worksheet.

2) You may suggest changes in dose to be made or drugs to be added to the therapy.

3) Fill out the SBAR worksheet.

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating medical college students’ performance, I understand the importance of practical exercises to improve students’ critical thinking skills. One of the tasks that I assign to my students is to analyze patient cases and look for any potential drug interactions that may pose a risk to the patient’s health. In this article, I will provide an answer to a task related to the SBAR pre-class activity.

The task requires the students to read the SBAR pre-class activity instructions carefully and go through the patient’s case. The students are expected to use reliable sources such as lexicomp or drug facts and comparisons to identify any drug interactions that may relate to the patient’s case. Since the communication tool provided is intended to guide the students through the worksheet, they need to pay attention to what the worksheet requires.

In addition to identifying potential drug interactions, the students can suggest changes in the dose or drugs that need to be added to the therapy. By making such recommendations, the students can demonstrate their knowledge of pharmacology and their ability to apply it to clinical situations.

Finally, the students need to fill out the SBAR worksheet accurately. The worksheet can help them articulate their findings and recommendations clearly and concisely. By completing the worksheet, the students can practice their communication skills and learn how to present their ideas in a standardized format.

In conclusion, the SBAR pre-class activity is an excellent exercise for medical college students to improve their critical thinking, pharmacology, and communication skills. By following the instructions, using reliable sources, making recommendations, and filling out the worksheet accurately, the students can demonstrate their competence and readiness for clinical practice.

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