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Review the topics you have viewed so far in RealizeIT and Nursing Assignment Help

Review the topics you have viewed so far in RealizeIT and select a word or a couple of words that you are unfamiliar with or unclear as to their formal definition.

Here are some challenging words from Unit 1 to choose from – or feel free to select your own (if you choose your own word, make sure you can complete all the tasks below):

abductionepithelialmonosaccharideanabolicequilibriumosmolarityprokaryoticcohesionextracellularperipheralpseudostratifiedcoronalhemodynamicphagocytosissuperficialdissociatehydrophilicphysiologytriglyceridediuretichypodermis polysaccharide

Search to find 2 definitions of the term (only 1 should be from a dictionary-style source) and determine the word parts that make up your word.

To complete your post, address the following and enter your response by using the REPLY button below these instructions:

  • Indicate the term you have selected and explain the word parts that give it meaning.
  • Break down the parts of the word (for example, the word homeostasis has 2 parts: homeo- and -stasis)
  • Copy and paste the 2 definitions you found into your post
    • include an in-text citation of the source for each
  • Write your own definition based on the two definitions you copied
    • include an in-text citation of the 2 sources at the end of your definition to credit the sources for inspiring you
  • Provide a brief example of how the term is used in anatomy & physiology
  • Reference your 2 sources in APA format

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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