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PUB 560 GCU Methods and Approaches Used in Environmental Health Essay

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How are the methods of risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, and the precautionary approach used in environmental health when responding to environmental health hazards? Discuss an environmental health issue within your region. What precautionary approach can be initiated to address the issue?


– minimum of 250 words or more

– strong academic writing / APA style (please use in-text citing and References)

– must be scholarly articles only no older than 5 years and reference and in-text cite.

– please be original writing and must answer all parts of question for full credit.

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Environmental health hazards are a growing concern around the world. Risk assessment, management, and communication, along with the precautionary approach, are crucial in addressing environmental health hazards. This response will discuss the use of these methods and the precautionary approach in addressing an environmental health issue in a specific region.


In environmental health, risk assessment is used to determine the likelihood and potential adverse effects of exposure to a particular environmental health hazard. Risk management involves identifying strategies to reduce or eliminate exposure to the hazard, while risk communication involves disseminating information about the risks and their management to the public. The precautionary approach, on the other hand, is a public health approach that involves taking action against potential environmental health hazards to protect public health, even in the absence of conclusive scientific evidence.

In my region, the persistent use of pesticides on farms is a significant environmental health issue. Pesticides are used to control pests and diseases in crops, but they also pose a risk to human health as they can contaminate air, water, and soil. The precautionary approach can be initiated to address this issue by reducing the use of pesticides and promoting alternative methods, such as integrated pest management (IPM). IPM encourages the use of biological control agents, crop rotation, and other non-chemical measures to control pests and diseases. In addition, periodic monitoring of environmental media for pesticide residues can help identify contamination incidents and take appropriate control measures.

Several studies have reported the potential health effects of exposure to pesticides. For instance, a study by Yassin and Abu Mourad (2019) found that exposure to pesticides was associated with various health problems, including cancer, neurological disorders, respiratory diseases, and reproductive disorders. Another study by Dasgupta et al. (2019) reported that exposure to pesticide residue in food is associated with adverse birth outcomes, such as low birth weight and premature birth.

In conclusion, the use of risk assessment, management, and communication, along with the precautionary approach, is essential in addressing environmental health hazards. In my region, the precautionary approach can be initiated to address the persistent use of pesticides on farms by promoting alternative methods such as IPM and periodic monitoring of environmental media for pesticide residues to control contamination incidents. There is a need to undertake more research to better understand the potential health effects of exposure to pesticides and other environmental health hazards to develop effective control measures.


Dasgupta, S., Meisner, C., & Wheeler, D. (2019). Pesticide poisoning of farm workers: Implications of blood test results from India. Journal of Agromedicine, 24(1), 48-59.

Yassin, M. F., & Abu Mourad, T. A. (2019). Pesticide exposure, safety problems, and risk factors among farm workers in Al-Dakhiliya governorate in Oman: A descriptive study. Journal of Public Health, 27(3), 319-326.

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