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1. Discuss how professional nursing organizations support the field of nursing and how they advocate for nursing practice. Explain the value professional nursing organizations have in advocacy and activism related to patient care.

2. Discuss the importance of advocacy as it pertains to patient care. What is the nurse’s role in patient advocacy? Describe a situation in which you were involved with patient advocacy. Explain what the advocacy accomplished for the patient, and what the repercussions would have been if the patient would not have had an advocate.

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Professional nursing organizations play a critical role in supporting and advocating for the nursing profession. Nurses are at the forefront of patient care, and it is essential for them to have strong support and representation to enhance their skills and promote best practices in patient care. Advocacy is equally crucial in ensuring that patients receive the best possible care and are empowered to make informed decisions about their health.

1. How do professional nursing organizations support the field of nursing and advocate for nursing practice?

Professional nursing organizations provide a forum for nurses to come together, share knowledge and ideas, and collectively advocate for their profession. These organizations play a critical role in advancing the field of nursing by conducting research, developing educational programs, and promoting best practices in patient care. They also play a significant role in lobbying for nursing policies that promote the well-being of patients and nurses alike. By providing ongoing education and resources, professional nursing organizations empower nurses to enhance their skills and knowledge and provide the highest quality of care to their patients.

2. What is the importance of advocacy in patient care, and what is the nurse’s role in patient advocacy?

Advocacy is a critical component of patient care as it empowers patients to make informed decisions about their health, provides them with a voice in their care, and ensures they receive the best possible care. Nurses play a crucial role in patient advocacy by advocating for their patients’ needs, preferences, and rights. This includes educating patients about their health, providing emotional support, and ensuring their wishes are respected. As nurses are at the forefront of patient care, they are best placed to identify any issues or concerns related to their patients’ care and escalate them to the appropriate healthcare professionals.

A situation where I was involved in patient advocacy was when I cared for an elderly patient who wanted to be discharged home with a new medication regime. The patient’s family was concerned about their ability to manage the medication and was pressuring the patient to stay in the hospital. As the patient’s advocate, I involved the healthcare team, including the pharmacist, to ensure the new medication regime was well explained. I also made sure that the patient received appropriate education and resources to manage the medication at home. As a result of the advocacy, the patient was discharged, and the family was satisfied with the care provided. If the patient did not have an advocate, they may have been unnecessarily kept in the hospital, leading to increased costs and decreased quality of life.

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