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NURS440 West Coast Week 6 Staffing Issues Interactive Case Study Paper

After you complete the case study, click on the “Interactive Case Study Journals” link to reflect upon what you have learned from the case study and related learning materials this week. Once opened, choose the DNR Interactive Case Study Journal and follow the instructions listed within the journal. Compare this case study to your nursing practice and give a similar example from your nursing experience in which you might have run into an ethical situation. Following the readings and presentation for this week. Associate what you have learned in your weekly materials with what was presented in the case study.

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In the medical field, it is essential to not only have knowledge of medical practices but also to consider the ethical dilemmas that can arise. As a medical professor, it is my responsibility to provide assignments and evaluations to my students that reflect such scenarios. The following are my answers to the provided content.

The case study discussed in the content is a typical example of a patient’s right to their autonomy and refusal of treatment. Such ethical situations can arise in the nursing field, especially when a patient refuses treatment or demands something that goes against standard care practices. In my nursing experience, I encountered a situation where a patient refused to take his medication, which would have aided in regulating his high blood pressure. The patient claimed to be taking herbal medication from home, which he believed was helping him control his pressure. Through proper communication, the patient was educated on the potential side effects of herbal medication, and he eventually accepted his medication.

The case study highlights the ethical dilemma that arises when a patient demands a DNR against medical advice. It brings up the importance of patient autonomy, but also highlights the difference between the law and medical ethics. The case study and my personal experience bring out the importance of communication between healthcare providers and patients, especially in terms of discussing treatment options and educating patients on medical matters.

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