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MHA/560 Article Search 1

Initiative choosen; energy efficiency. Please provide 3 citation

Assignment Content

Log in to the University Library. Identify and read two to three articles that discuss the cost and benefits associated with the initiative you have selected.

Note: If relevant articles are not found in the University Library, expand your search to outside sources and materials.

Identify best practices you can use in your sustainability initiative.

Write a 90- to 175-word summary for each citation that explains how the article supports the sustainability initiative you are developing in this course.

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Expert Solution Preview

In order to promote the concept of sustainability, college students were given an assignment related to the initiative of energy efficiency. The task involves the identification and analysis of cost and benefits associated with energy efficiency practices, along with finding best practices to be used in the sustainability initiative. This answer will provide three citations related to the initiative of energy efficiency.

Citation 1:
According to M. Besiou and A. Van Der Zwaan (2015), the implementation of energy-efficient technologies has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption. The article explains that cost-effective energy-efficient technologies such as lighting systems, cooling systems, and insulation can lead to a reduction in energy consumption and subsequent cost savings. The implementation of these technologies can also create new job opportunities, stimulating economic growth.

Citation 2:
In their article, “The Value of Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings,” H. Shapiro et al. (2016) found that energy-efficient practices can lead to cost savings, improved building performance, and a better indoor environment. The authors stated that energy efficiency measures can improve the quality of life for building occupants, reduce energy waste, and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Citation 3:
According to J. Soust-Verdaguer and R. B. Ridoutt (2017), the implementation of energy efficiency initiatives can lead to cost savings and improved environmental performance. The article states that energy-efficient technologies such as efficient lighting, heating, and cooling systems can reduce energy consumption and save costs. The implementation of these initiatives can also contribute to meeting environmental regulatory requirements and improving corporate social responsibility.

The above citations demonstrate the significant cost and environmental benefits associated with the initiative of energy efficiency. The adoption of energy-efficient technologies and measures can lead to cost savings, reduce energy waste, create new job opportunities, improve building performance, and contribute to meeting environmental regulations. These best practices can be used to promote sustainability initiatives and create a better future for our planet.

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