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MHA 515 UP Transparency in The Healthcare Industry Discussion

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  • How can the transparency of price, quality, and safety change the way a consumer selects health care choices? Cite a current example of transparency in the health care industry. When it comes down to the transparency In the price , quality and safety brings impact customers in various ways . They are- Informed choices- patient and their families can make informed choices while selecting any health care plan or hospital.
  • How do consumer decisions affect leadership decisions and organizational directions? easy-to-understand formats (Families USA, 2014).”Consumer decisions affect leadership and decisions and organizational directions by taking charge of their healthcare in a new way. Readily accessible data and information allow patients to have open dialogues with their doctors about diagnosis and treatment options (Santilli & Vogenberg, 2015). A example that I am going to use is how consumer decisions are affecting healthcare leadership decisions and organizational directions is the rise of value-based care. Value-based programs reward health care providers with incentive payments for quality of care they give to people with Medicare, while reducing costs by aligning reimbursement with quality of care and patient outcomes (Porter & Lee, 2013). investing  in care coordination, prevention, and population health management (Berwick et al., 2018)

Reference : 

Berwick, D. M., Nolan, T. W., & Whittington, J. (2018). The triple aim: care, health, and cost. Health affairs, 27(3), 759-769.

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MHA 515 UP Transparency in The Healthcare Industry Discussion

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The transparency of price, quality, and safety can greatly influence a consumer’s decisions when selecting healthcare choices. When consumers have access to information about the price of services, the quality of care provided, and the safety record of healthcare providers, they are empowered to make more informed decisions. This transparency allows them to compare different options, evaluate the value they receive for their money, and make choices that align with their healthcare needs and preferences.

For example, one current example of transparency in the healthcare industry is the availability of online platforms that allow consumers to compare prices for various medical procedures or services. These platforms provide information about the cost of different options, enabling patients to make cost-conscious decisions and avoid unexpected medical bills. This transparency helps consumers select healthcare choices that better fit their financial circumstances.

Consumer decisions not only impact their own healthcare choices but also have a significant influence on leadership decisions and organizational directions within the healthcare industry. In recent years, there has been a shift towards value-based care, where healthcare providers are rewarded based on the quality of care they provide rather than the volume of services they deliver.

Consumer decisions to prioritize high-quality care have led healthcare organizations and leaders to focus on improving patient outcomes, enhancing care coordination, and investing in preventive measures. These decisions have resulted in organizational changes such as the adoption of electronic health records, the implementation of care coordination programs, and the establishment of quality improvement initiatives. Consumer demand for transparency and quality has driven healthcare leaders to take initiatives towards improving the overall healthcare system.

In conclusion, the transparency of price, quality, and safety in healthcare has the potential to shape how consumers select healthcare choices. By having access to relevant information, consumers can make informed decisions that align with their needs and preferences. Additionally, consumer decisions have a significant impact on leadership decisions and organizational directions within the healthcare industry, prompting leaders to improve care quality and focus on value-based care models.

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