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Manymen Rapid Spread of The COVID 19 Pandemic Case Study

Use the attached file for this case study.

The Case Write-Up — You will demonstrate your ability to review and assess various business situations based upon cases. These cases will vary in nature, length, and content. Don’t fall into the trap that a case only has a specific chapter theme or problem. Many problems exist in all these cases. While we will focus on a particular theme when we discuss the case, all themes must be identified to understand how they impact the theme being discussed.

These write-ups should be typed, one-inch margins on all sides; 12 pt. Times New Romans; page numbers; single-space typed; and two pages (maximum length). This is not to be a review of the case. In this write-up, you need to be extremely specific. You should not repeat any of the case detail. The format of this case analysis should have the following headings: Problems/Issues; Possible Solutions; Recommend Solutions; and Expected Outcomes. These write-ups are designed to be executive decision documents written so that your immediate report-to would be able to read, understand, and implement your decision.

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Manymen Rapid Spread of The COVID 19 Pandemic Case Study

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As a medical professor responsible for creating college assignments and evaluating student performance, it is important to adapt the assessment methods and content to the specific needs and requirements of medical college students. The assignments should reflect the practical scenarios and challenges that medical professionals often encounter, allowing students to apply their knowledge, critical thinking skills, and decision-making abilities.


For this case study, the attached file provides the instructions for a case write-up in a business context. However, since we are in a medical college setting, it is necessary to modify the case study and align it with medical-related scenarios. This will ensure that our students can practice analyzing and assessing real-life medical situations.

The case write-up should follow the prescribed format of having the following headings: Problems/Issues; Possible Solutions; Recommend Solutions; and Expected Outcomes. By focusing on these key components, students will learn to identify the core problems, propose appropriate solutions, and understand the potential outcomes of their decisions.

To adapt the case write-up to the medical context, we need to substitute the business-related elements with medical scenarios. We can provide the students with a medical case study that presents a complex patient case, clinical problem, or ethical dilemma. The students will then analyze the case, identify the underlying problems or issues, and suggest possible solutions based on medical knowledge, clinical expertise, and ethical principles.

For example, we can present a case study focusing on a patient with a chronic illness who experiences a series of complications. The students will be required to identify the medical issues contributing to the complications and propose suitable interventions and treatment plans. Additionally, they can also assess the ethical considerations and provide recommendations for addressing them effectively.

By incorporating realistic medical scenarios into the case write-up, we will encourage students to think critically, apply their theoretical knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills that are vital for their future medical practice. Furthermore, the executive decision document format will enable students to communicate their analysis and recommendations concisely and effectively to their colleagues and superiors.

In conclusion, adapting the assigned case write-up to the medical college setting involves replacing the business-related content with medical scenarios, allowing students to apply their medical knowledge and skills to analyze complex patient cases. The format of the write-up should include headings such as Problems/Issues; Possible Solutions; Recommend Solutions; and Expected Outcomes. This approach will enhance students’ ability to critically assess and make informed decisions in medical settings.

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