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Journal: Theories in Action (Grid)

Journal: Theories in Action (Grid)


The purpose of the reflective journal is for you to reflect on your values, perceptions, and beliefs about caring for young children.  


These journal entries should be at least 1 paragraph in length.  You will be graded on the depth of your responses to each question.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Just your thoughts.  I will provide feedback in the form of questions that may ask you to dig deeper.  These assignments are eligible for resubmission and should be a minimum of 500 words. 

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Journal: Theories in Action (Grid)

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In this assignment, students are required to keep a reflective journal to explore their values, perceptions, and beliefs regarding caring for young children. The purpose of this journal is to encourage students to critically reflect on their understanding and experiences, and to develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of child care. Each journal entry should be at least one paragraph in length, and the depth of the response will be evaluated. There are no right or wrong answers, as the focus is on personal thoughts and reflections. Feedback will be provided in the form of questions to encourage deeper thinking. The minimum word count for these assignments is 500 words.

Answer to content:

The reflective journal is an opportunity for students to deeply reflect on their values, perceptions, and beliefs about caring for young children. By engaging in this reflective process, students can gain insight into their own biases, assumptions, and preconceived notions, which will ultimately contribute to their growth and development as future healthcare professionals.

Through these journal entries, students can explore their own experiences, observations, and interactions with young children. They can analyze their emotions, thoughts, and reactions to different situations and contexts. This self-reflection allows students to examine their own beliefs and values and consider how these may influence their approach to caring for young children.

The absence of right or wrong answers in this assignment creates a safe and non-judgmental space for students to express their thoughts and opinions. It encourages critical thinking and self-awareness, as students are challenged to articulate and justify their perspectives.

The feedback provided in the form of questions helps students to deepen their reflections and consider alternative viewpoints. These questions serve as prompts for students to explore their own assumptions and biases, and also to consider different perspectives that may challenge their existing beliefs.

The minimum word count of 500 words ensures that students engage in a substantial amount of self-reflection, allowing for a thorough exploration of their values, perceptions, and beliefs. This word count requirement also encourages students to delve deeper into their thoughts and provide detailed explanations for their perspectives.

Overall, the reflective journal assignment aims to foster self-awareness, critical thinking, and empathy in students. By engaging in this introspective process, students can better understand their own values and beliefs, and how these may influence their approach to caring for young children. This assignment also encourages students to consider diverse perspectives and challenge their own assumptions, ultimately preparing them for the complexities and nuances of the healthcare profession.

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