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HSC 2400 University of South Florida Priority Patients Care Discussion

put in order of priority of 3 victims (there are victim A, victim B, and victim C) and then describe the care needed for each of the victims. You also want to give some reasons why you choose that order of priority. Open the “Assignment File” from below and pick one situation for answering the question. You may use any notes, power points, books, etc. needed to complete the assignment. The care described should be thoroughly detailed.

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As a medical professor, it is crucial to teach medical college students how to prioritize patient care in emergency situations. This assignment will require students to put in order of priority three victims and describe the necessary care for each of the victims. By completing this exercise, students will gain valuable knowledge on how to prioritize care, assess patients, and provide appropriate treatment in emergency situations.


In emergency situations, proper prioritization of patient care can mean the difference between life and death. In this scenario, I would prioritize the victims in the following order: Victim A, Victim B, and Victim C.

Victim A has sustained severe head trauma and is unconscious. This victim requires immediate attention, as his injuries could lead to possible brain damage or death. The first step in caring for Victim A is to assess his ABCs (airway, breathing, and circulation) and begin basic life support measures if necessary. After stabilizing his vital signs, we would evaluate his head injury and provide appropriate treatment, such as a CT scan, to assess for brain swelling or bleeding. We would also administer pain medication and fluids to maintain his hydration and comfort.

Victim B has a deep laceration on his leg, resulting in severe bleeding. While this injury is not life-threatening, it is imperative to stop the bleeding to prevent shock and further complications. The first step in caring for Victim B is to apply direct pressure to the wound to control the bleeding. We would then assess the wound and clean it appropriately before suturing or stapling the area closed. We would also administer pain medication and tetanus prophylaxis as needed.

Victim C has sustained minor injuries in the form of bruises and scrapes. While these injuries may be painful and uncomfortable, they do not require immediate attention. However, we would still assess him for any underlying injuries or complications and provide appropriate treatment, such as administering pain medication or cleaning and dressing the wounds.

In summary, prioritizing patient care in emergency situations can be challenging but is essential to ensuring that patients receive the proper treatment. By following the appropriate protocols and assessing each patient’s condition, medical professionals can provide the necessary care to increase patients’ chances of survival and recovery.

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