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HCS 490 UP Health & Medical Changing Landscape of Health Care Essay Nursing Assignment Help

Our health care system changes frequently. In this assignment you will review our current health care system and how it has evolved in the past eight years. This will give you the necessary background knowledge to complete this assignment and other assignments in this course.

Research different events or shifts in our health care system within the past three to five years.

Select a current event or shift in the health care system from your research that has occurred within the past three to five years. This resource could be from a newspaper, magazine, or journal from the University Library or similar source.

Write a reflection that details the changing landscape of our health care system based on your research and selected current event or shift. Your reflection should:

  • Explain the current event or shift you selected.
  • Describe the impact of this current event or shift on the health care system on health care consumers.
  • Remember, you, your friends, and family are health care consumers. 
  • As you think about the impact to consumers, consider the impact experienced when there was a shift from acute care to wellness and prevention and the shift in accountability.
  • Explain your personal perception of the current event or shift you have selected.
  • Remember, it is not appropriate to share personal medical information and background.

Expert Solution Preview


The selected current event or shift in the health care system that I have researched and will reflect upon is the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the United States. The ACA, also known as Obamacare, was signed into law in 2010 and has significantly impacted the healthcare landscape over the past eight years.


The ACA brought about several changes in the healthcare system. One of the key aspects of the ACA was the expansion of healthcare coverage, aiming to provide affordable health insurance to more Americans. This expansion was achieved through the establishment of state-based health insurance marketplaces, where individuals and small businesses could compare and purchase health insurance plans. Additionally, the ACA introduced subsidies and tax credits to make health insurance more affordable for low-income individuals and families.

The impact of this current shift in the health care system has been significant for health care consumers. Millions of previously uninsured individuals and families gained access to healthcare coverage through the expansion of Medicaid and the availability of subsidized insurance plans. This has led to improved healthcare access and utilization, allowing people to seek preventive care, manage chronic conditions, and receive necessary medical treatments without incurring excessive out-of-pocket costs.

As a health care consumer, I personally perceive the implementation of the ACA as a positive development. It has resulted in a more inclusive and equitable healthcare system, ensuring that more individuals have access to essential health services. The shift from a focus primarily on acute care to a greater emphasis on wellness and prevention has been particularly beneficial. This approach prioritizes early interventions, regular check-ups, and health promotion, thereby reducing the burden of expensive and avoidable healthcare interventions in the long run.

The ACA has also brought a shift in accountability within the healthcare system. The emphasis on outcome-based reimbursements and quality measures has incentivized healthcare providers to focus on improving patient outcomes rather than simply treating acute illnesses. This has led to the development of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and value-based payment models, which promote coordination and integration of care among various healthcare providers.

In conclusion, the implementation of the ACA has significantly transformed the landscape of the healthcare system over the past eight years. It has expanded healthcare coverage, improved access to care, shifted towards preventive services, and fostered greater accountability among healthcare providers. As a health care consumer, I believe these changes have been beneficial and have enhanced the overall quality and affordability of healthcare services.

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