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HCM 630 – Quality Healthcare Management

Chapter 11 explored several models for designing and implementing improvements. One of this chapter’s discussions is particularly significant to master when considering improvement efforts: the unintended consequences of change (p. 209). Anticipating unintended consequences can be hard work, but necessary as leaders implement quality improvement initiatives of healthcare services. 

To complete your assignment, download the Unintended Consequences Worksheet provided below. Complete parts 1 & 2, which are an adaptation of Exercise 11.2 (p. 215).

Be sure to utilize the textbook and integrate at least three peer-reviewed sources along with their citations and references. Your assignment must be APA formatted and include at least 1500 words. 

Question 2 

Much like data collection and analysis, the tools of systems thinking are best mastered through practice. Think of a healthcare process you are very familiar with. You will be creating a flowchart for this process from a starting point to an endpoint. You can create the flowchart in any of the tools you are most comfortable working in as long as your flowchart can be submitted as a PDF or Word document, or as a high-quality image (.jpg or .png). 

Chapter 12 includes 2 examples of flowcharts and a video resource to support your process is included below. Explain insights you gained about the process in your discussion along with your attached flowchart. 

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HCM 630 – Quality Healthcare Management

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In response to the content provided, the medical professor’s tasks include designing and conducting lectures, evaluating student performance, and providing feedback through examinations and assignments. The professor is responsible for creating college assignments and answers for medical college students. Additionally, the professor is responsible for incorporating peer-reviewed sources and ensuring adherence to APA formatting guidelines.

Question 2 requires the students to demonstrate their understanding of systems thinking by creating a flowchart for a healthcare process they are familiar with. This flowchart should illustrate the process from a starting point to an endpoint. The students can use any tool they are comfortable with to create the flowchart, as long as it can be submitted as a PDF, Word document, or high-quality image.

The students are also expected to provide insights gained about the process in their discussion along with the attached flowchart. This task encourages students to critically analyze the healthcare process and identify any areas for improvement or potential unintended consequences.

Overall, the professor’s role is to guide the students in their learning journey, provide opportunities for practical application of knowledge, and assess their understanding and performance through various assessment methods.

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