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Grantham University Ophthalmology Case Study


Self-Developed Case Study:

For the final unit, you will select ophthalmology or otorhinolaryngology as an area of focus and develop a case study. Using medical terminology and eponyms and abbreviations that are associated with the area of specialty that you select, construct a scenario that includes the following elements:

  • a patient,
  • the patient’s age,
  • significant information about the patient’s condition,
  • description of significant symptoms,
  • diagnosis of the disease and/or condition suffered by the patient, and
  • treatment plan, including procedures, that may need to be done.

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The final unit for students involves developing a case study in either ophthalmology or otorhinolaryngology area of focus. The case study should include medical terminology, eponyms and abbreviations related to the specialty area chosen.

To develop a case study in either ophthalmology or otorhinolaryngology, the student needs to select a patient and provide significant information about their condition. The case study should include the patient’s age and description of their significant symptoms. The case study should also include the diagnosis of the disease and/or condition suffered by the patient and a treatment plan, including procedures that may need to be done. The case study should utilize medical terminology, eponyms, and abbreviations that are associated with the area of specialty chosen. This case study will help the students to understand the practical implementation of their theoretical knowledge.

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