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GCU Importance of A Project Transition Plan Discussion

please respond to the following discussion post as a peer making a comment” Hello everyone,

A transition plan for a project is a document that lays out the task and activities to be performed to efficiently transition the project from the implementation phase to the maintenance phase (Bryen, Chung, & Lever, 2010). The transition plan identifies the team responsible for a successful transition, the tools, techniques and methodologies required.

It is a very important document at the end of the project as it includes contingency plan and risk mitigation. An impact statement is formulated in the plan that outlines the potential impact of the transition to the existing infrastructure, operations and support team, and to the users. It puts together all the goals, priorities and strategies in one place for a successful transition. It makes sure that all tasks and duties are documented and passed on.

A project transition plan includes the following information.

  1. Project specification – it has all the details of the project. It includes latest version of the specification as it will help the team responsible for maintenance to get all the background information about the project.
  2. Code Documents – It speeds up the transition process and also makes the new team comfortable with the project
  3. Assets – It includes any mockups, design files or other assets that will facilitate a smooth transfer.
  4. Credentials – It includes the credentials of the accounts used during the project.
  5. Deployment procedures – It includes specifications of the deployment process.

The transition plan for a project should be shared with all the stakeholders who are involved during the implementation phase of the project, the business partners and the team who will be taking care of the maintenance (Snell-Rood, etc, 2020). As the document includes all relevant information regarding the project, it will be helpful for the maintenance team to refer the document during



Bryen, D. N., Chung, Y., & Lever, S. (2010). What you might not find in a typical transition plan! Some important lessons from adults who rely on augmentative and alternative communication. Perspectives on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 19(2), 32-40.

Snell-Rood, C., Ruble, L., Kleinert, H., McGrew, J. H., Adams, M., Rodgers, A., … & Yu, Y. (2020). Stakeholder perspectives on transition planning, implementation, and outcomes for students with autism spectrum disorder. Autism, 24(5), 1164-1176.

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GCU Importance of A Project Transition Plan Discussion

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Thank you for sharing your insights on project transition plans. I agree with your explanation of what a transition plan is and its significance in efficiently moving a project from the implementation phase to the maintenance phase. You have provided a thorough overview of the key components that should be included in a project transition plan, such as project specifications, code documents, assets, credentials, and deployment procedures. Including these elements ensures that all the necessary information and resources are readily available for the maintenance team to successfully take over the project.

Additionally, you rightly emphasized the importance of sharing the transition plan with all stakeholders involved in the project’s implementation phase, as well as the business partners and the maintenance team. By doing so, everyone is informed about the project’s background, goals, and priorities, making it easier for the maintenance team to reference the transition plan during the maintenance phase.

Your references to Bryen, Chung, Lever (2010) and Snell-Rood et al. (2020) add credibility to your discussion by citing relevant literature on transition planning in different contexts.

Overall, your post provides an excellent explanation of project transition plans and highlights the essential components and stakeholders involved. Well done!

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