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Gateway Organizational Development and Leadership in Healthcare Summary

Provide a summary addressing the following elements (more if desired): 

How do you define your leadership style  

Opportunities for strengthening your leadership abilities  

  • Two (2) management competencies you possess, and how you will develop/equip others in those areas.  
  • Two (2) leadership competencies you possess, and how you will develop/equip others in those areas. 

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Gateway Organizational Development and Leadership in Healthcare Summary

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As a medical professor responsible for creating assignments, conducting lectures, evaluating student performance, and providing feedback, my leadership style is defined by a combination of transformational and servant leadership. I believe in inspiring and empowering students to reach their full potential while also prioritizing their well-being and growth. In order to enhance my leadership abilities, I actively seek opportunities to enhance my communication skills, promote teamwork, and foster a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Opportunities for strengthening leadership abilities:
1. Enhancing Communication Skills: Effective communication is crucial in a medical college setting, both in delivering lectures and providing feedback. To strengthen this competency, I will actively engage in professional development workshops or courses focused on communication, actively seek feedback from students on my communication effectiveness, and incorporate new strategies to improve clarity, active listening, and understanding.

2. Promoting Teamwork: Collaboration and teamwork are vital skills for future healthcare professionals. To strengthen my ability to promote teamwork, I will organize group activities and projects during lectures to encourage students to work together, provide opportunities for them to develop their interpersonal and team-building skills, and implement reflective exercises to help students understand the importance of collaboration in healthcare settings.

Management competencies and development strategies:
1. Organizational and Planning Skills: I possess strong organizational and planning skills, which allow me to effectively create assignments, design lecture schedules, and manage student evaluations. To develop others in this area, I will create opportunities for students to practice their organizational and planning skills by involving them in the assignment creation process, offering guidance on time management techniques, and encouraging them to reflect on the importance of effective organization and planning in their future careers.

2. Performance Evaluation and Feedback: My ability to evaluate student performance and provide constructive feedback is another management competency. To develop others in this area, I will create training modules or workshops for students, teaching them how to objectively evaluate their peers’ work, provide constructive feedback, and offer guidance on how to use feedback to improve their own performance. Additionally, I will offer opportunities for students to practice giving feedback through role-playing exercises and case-based discussions.

Leadership competencies and development strategies:
1. Inspirational Motivation: I possess the ability to inspire and motivate students by setting high expectations and demonstrating passion for the subject matter. To develop others in this area, I will organize guest lectures by successful healthcare professionals who can share their inspirational stories, provide opportunities for students to engage in community service projects related to healthcare, and create platforms for students to showcase their accomplishments and inspire their peers.

2. Ethical Decision-Making: Ethical decision-making is crucial in the medical field. I possess the ability to guide students in understanding ethical dilemmas and making informed decisions. To develop others in this area, I will incorporate case studies and ethical discussions into lectures, encourage students to critically analyze ethical scenarios, and provide resources and guidance on ethical frameworks and principles.

In conclusion, my leadership style is a combination of transformational and servant leadership, focused on inspiring and empowering students while prioritizing their well-being. To strengthen my leadership abilities, I will enhance communication skills and promote teamwork. I possess management competencies in organization and planning as well as performance evaluation and feedback, which I will develop in others through guidance and opportunities for practice. Additionally, I possess leadership competencies in inspirational motivation and ethical decision-making, which I will develop in others through guest lectures, community service projects, and ethical discussions.

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