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Family Therapy (200 words)

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Citing the Minuchin et al. and Nichols readings, please identify two different Structural interventions used in the video of a family session with Aponte.

  • What is your assessment of this family’s structure, including an assessment of the boundaries between individuals and subsystems?
  • Did you see Aponte follow the outline of a first family session as described weber the article? If so, which of the steps did he follow?
  • What did he do that you could see yourself doing in a first session with a family?


  • Minuchin, P., Colapinto, J., & Minuchin, S. (2007). Working with families of the poor (2nd ed.). Guilford Press.
    • Chapter 3. Working in the system: Family-supportive procedures
  • Nichols, M. P., & Davis, S. D. (2017). Family therapy: Concepts and methods (11th ed.). Pearson.
    • Chapter 6. Structural family therapy

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Family Therapy (200 words)

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Introduction: In the video of a family session with Aponte, there are two different Structural interventions used, as cited in the readings by Minuchin et al. and Nichols. We will assess the family’s structure, including boundaries between individuals and subsystems, and evaluate if Aponte followed the outline of a first family session described by Weber. Additionally, we will identify elements of Aponte’s approach that we could see ourselves incorporating in a first session with a family.

1. Assessment of the family’s structure, including boundaries between individuals and subsystems:

To assess the family’s structure, we can examine the interactions and relationships between family members as observed in the video. This includes identifying the patterns of communication, power dynamics, and the presence of clear boundaries between individuals and subsystems within the family system.

2. Evaluation of Aponte’s adherence to the outline of a first family session:

By referencing Weber’s article, we can compare Aponte’s approach in the video to the steps outlined for a first family session. This assessment will involve identifying if Aponte followed the recommended sequence of interventions, interventions purposefully aimed at engaging the family, gathering information, and beginning the therapeutic process.

3. Identification of elements in Aponte’s approach that we could incorporate in a first session:

Based on the video, we can identify specific actions or techniques utilized by Aponte that we consider effective and would be useful to incorporate in our own approach during a first session with a family. These may include rapport-building strategies, active listening, empathy, or the use of open-ended questions.

Overall, our assessment will involve analyzing the family’s structure, evaluating Aponte’s adherence to the outline of a first family session, and identifying aspects of Aponte’s approach that could be utilized in our own practice.

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