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Employee legal handbook, health and medicine homework help

For the final Portfolio Project, you will submit a professional presentation (using PowerPoint or a similar format), developing an organization’s employee legal handbook that could be utilized during new employee orientation. The setting may be an acute care hospital or long-term care facility with 200-bed capacity.

This presentation will include:

  • An APA title page
  • A description of the organization you developed. In a well-organized presentation, first define the organization you are using to develop the handbook. Provide the organization’s name, type, size, location, and the licensing organization. Then, provide a listing of all employee professions for the organization you have selected for your Portfolio Project.
  • A listing of all employee professions or disciplines
  • A list of the topics developed in the Module 5 milestone Include the following topics by title, using an outline format to break down your handbook entries. Topics: legal principles, rights, credentialing/scope of practice, legal employment qualifications (I-9, EEOC, etc.), HIPAA (confidentiality, privacy, security), consent, legal representation (POA, Guardian, etc.), abuse reporting, organizational regulations (staffing, etc.), end of life, federal/state regulations and future implications in healthcare law using a seperate slide for each topic.
    • A paragraph or two defining and discussing the significance of this specific topic and how it applies to the new employee entering your healthcare organization
  • A list of twelve multiple choice questions, one for each of the twelve topics listed from above, that could be used as a post-test following the new employee orientation to the legal handbook
  • A minimum of four academic sources
  • A reference slide(s) formatted in APA and utilizing the sources you outlined..

Presentation Requirements:

**Below I also attached the annotated bibliography that needs to be completed with at least four sources, you will use these four sources in this paper also, make sure you attach the sources from the module 6 paper into the power point slides in this project. Overall the popwerpoint slide final project needs to be competed, along with module 6 annotated bibliography which is attached below.***

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Employee legal handbook, health and medicine homework help Nursing Assignment Help


The final Portfolio Project entails the creation of a professional presentation that will develop an organization’s employee legal handbook suitable for new employee orientation. The organization could be an acute care hospital or long-term care facility with a 200-bed capacity. The presentation includes an APA title page, an organization description, a list of all employee professions or disciplines, and the topics developed in the Module 5 milestone. Additionally, a reference slide must be provided, formatted in APA and utilizing the sources outlined in the annotated bibliography attached.


The professional presentation requires a listing of all employee professions or disciplines within the organization. This information provides a basis for developing the employee legal handbook. The employee professions or disciplines may include doctors, nurses, certified nursing assistants, therapists, and administrative staff. Identifying the professions or disciplines helps to create a focused presentation that meets the needs of the organization. The legal handbook should address the legal issues relevant to each profession or discipline within the organization, ensuring that employees from different fields receive relevant information.

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