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Complete and submit assignment 3. Keep a copy in case of any… Nursing Assignment Help

Complete and submit assignment 3. Keep a copy in case of any problems with submission.

This assignment is worth 20% of the course grade and will be marked out of 20 points.

1. Define the term population in your own words and give an example that is not from the text or course website.(2 points)

2. Human babies that are heavier than average and lighter than average have a higher infant mortality. What type of selection (be specific) is this and why? (2 points)

3. Define, in your own words, a clade. Give an example (3 points)

4. Explain in your own words how, from an evolutionary standpoint, a desert spring and an island in the ocean are similar. Think about populations in both locations. (4 points)

5. Consider the following statement: “Individuals are selected for or against while populations evolve.” Explain this statement using what you know about gene pools and alleles. (4 points)

6.Explain how you could use the amino acid sequence of a protein found in two different species to trace evolutionary relationships between the species. (3 points)

7.Recall the iguanas from 13.10 of the textbook. Assume that p=.3 (proportion of the dominant allele). What proportion of the next generation would you expect to be heterozygous? (hint Ww) Show your work. (2 points)

Use Book Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections, 10th edition for reference

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