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Use the attached file labelBoldly Go: Character Drives Leadership at Providence Healthcare for this case study

Include APA style elements: Times New Roman typeface, 12-point font size, one-inch margins, uniform double spacing between lines, paragraphs, and elements, indenting the first line of every paragraph, paragraphs with three or more sentences, and page numbers. Use only the attached file for this paper and cite.

You will write a case analysis report for two assigned cases. These should each be submitted as a five section document for each case.  please submit five bullet points per section (not narrative here) and do not deviate from this format:

Section 1 – Introduction to the Organization

Section 2 – Leadership Problems/Issues Facing the Organization

Section 3 – Recommendations

Section 4 – Metrics or indicators of Success (may be quantitative or qualitative)

Section 5 – Anticipated OutcomesThe following will be used to evaluate your submissions:

  • The extent to which you get your points across with concise and precise language
  • Reasonableness of recommendations, metrics/indicators, and outcomes

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In order to complete the assignment, you will need to follow the given instructions for each section of the case analysis report. The structure of the report should consist of five sections for each assigned case: Introduction to the Organization, Leadership Problems/Issues Facing the Organization, Recommendations, Metrics or indicators of Success, and Anticipated Outcomes. It is important to adhere to the specified format of providing five bullet points per section. Please remember to use the attached file as the main source for the analysis and ensure your citations are in APA style. Your submissions will be evaluated based on the clarity and precision of your language, the reasonableness of your recommendations, metrics/indicators, and outcomes.

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