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Best ADHD treatment

Need to answer the following question on PICOT Format, need two, one using a research article and one non research article, published with in the last 5 years.

What is the best ADHD treatment in grade school children?

Population and size:


Comparation, if any:

How to solve

Best ADHD treatment

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In order to evaluate and determine the best ADHD treatment in grade school children, it is important to formulate a research question using the PICOT format (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome, and Time frame). This format provides a structured approach to developing a research question and enables researchers to effectively search for relevant evidence.


Population and size:

For the research article, the population of interest would be grade school children diagnosed with ADHD. The size of the population could vary depending on the specific study, but it would typically include a significant number of children to ensure reliable results.


The intervention being studied would be the treatment or therapy aimed at managing ADHD symptoms in grade school children. This could include different approaches such as medication (e.g., stimulant medication, non-stimulant medication), behavioral therapy (e.g., cognitive-behavioral therapy, parent training programs), or a combination of interventions.

Comparison, if any:

In the research article, there may be a comparison group that receives a different treatment or intervention, placebo, or no treatment at all. This would allow for a comparison between different treatment options and their effectiveness in managing ADHD symptoms in grade school children.


The outcome of interest would be the effectiveness of the ADHD treatment in grade school children. This could be assessed based on various parameters, including improvement in academic performance, reduction in ADHD symptoms, improvement in behavior, social functioning, or quality of life.

Time frame:

The research article should specify the time frame in which the study was conducted and the duration of the study period. This could vary depending on the nature of the intervention and the outcomes being measured. Typically, a follow-up period may be included to evaluate the long-term effects of the chosen treatment.

In addition to the research article, a non-research article published within the last five years could also be considered. While non-research articles may not provide the same level of evidence as research articles, they can offer valuable insights, expert opinions, and clinical experiences related to ADHD treatment in grade school children. The PICOT format can still be applied to frame an answer using a non-research article in a similar manner.

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