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Behavior Change

Using your behavior change contract, journal entries and wellness assessment as guidelines please use this opportunity to analyze your chosen health behavior that you have changed/improved or added to your lifestyle. 

The paper must be 4-5 pages and in APA format.
You may organize your paper into the following sections:


What health behavior did you choose and why?

Why does this behavior need to be improved or changed and why is it important to you?

Have you tried working on this behavior before and if so were you successful?

  • Body: (in this section of the paper you are encouraged to incorporate citations from the book and other resources to support your thoughts and ideas.)
  • What are your short and long term goals and how did you choose them?
  • What steps have you taken to improve this behavior (please be specific-discuss suggestions from the book and/or course resources)?

What were your barriers to change (please be specific)?

Discuss the setbacks and/or successes you have had?

  • Who/What has helped you along the way?
  • Conclusion:
  • Did you successfully accomplish your goal?  Why or why not? 
  • What steps do you plan on taking to continue this behavior change after this class has ended?  
  • If you were to do this assignment again, would you pick the same goal?  Why or why not?     

Week 2 Journal Entry 1-16-2023 Today I went to the gym after packing up. Although, I was tired I still got up at 12 am and went to the  gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, as well 20 on the elliptical. Some hardships was making time for  the gym as packing took all my energy.  1-18-2023 I didn’t go to the gym today as I had moved back to my home in Millsboro. I was relocated to a hotel last  5 months while they rebuild my complex brand new. The hotel I was staying at had a gym downstairs.  Due to the new that made a hardship to work out being tired from lifting boxes. 1-21-2023 I started back on my gallon of water with lemon as well brought an elliptical from a Macys glitch sale.  Basically, as my sister is a couponer she finds deals that are very hard to pass up on. I scored a 600  elliptical for $156.00 dollars. So, I can now have one right in my home. I feel as this was a great buy for  my behavioral change of physical activity.  1/23/203  Today I took off work to head over to the gym with my friend over at planet fitness in Seaford, DE. I feel as the struggle I had was getting on the stair master. Everton else made it seem so easy but for me it was a complete struggle. But the positive was I completed 10 minutes.    1/25/2023  I didn’t have time to make it the gym today so instead I made sure I drank my gallon of water.  A struggle today was unpacking after getting off work and not having enough time to go the gym. Negative impact is not having enough time to go to the gym. Although, I can make the time after unpacking it is a exercise within itself.    1/26/2023  Today I didn’t do any exercise I was tired form unpacking. I didn’t make any plans or tried to. I believe unpacking and moving bins from room to downstairs was exercise withing itself. I believe it is positive because I am not just laying down.  -30-2023 I’ve been sick last couple days so this has been an obstacle of being bale to workout and already feeling  not well. I told myself to get up and take a walk although that didn’t happen. Although, this was an  obstacle I feel as I needed this time to rest. Sometimes the busy is so overworked that resting is needed  as well, we as individuals seem to forget how much our body needs rest.  02-01-2023 Today was one of the toughest obstacles I had I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life. I laid  in bed all day and slept.  02-03-2023 I took a 20-minute walk around my neighborhood. I feel as I needed fresh air and to really get a good  walk in. It could have been a lot longer but it was freezing outside. I feel as even though it was cold I still  took time and did a walk. I feel as with being sick this week it wasn’t a great week, but I still made  sometime of progress.      1-6-2023 Today been a rough day went to work and told myself I’ll go work out after work but didn’t really have  the energy too. Mondays always seem like a blur to me first day of the work week. I feel as this weekend  and today been a rough point. I still have a house full of boxes and have not unpacked yet. I feel as some  days I need that time to wind down. I feel as last couple days been a barrier but also resting can give me  the rest my body does need, and it wouldn’t feel as if I am always wanting to crash. 1-8-2023 I had a half of day off work today and decided to take a hour off and go to gym. I worked out on the  treadmill first for about20 minutes and then went to the elliptical. I felt pretty good after my workout  not so tired as I did the first couple of times. I feel as I am still making time to try to go which is a great  effort because before I wouldn’t.  1-10-2023 Today I decided to do some at home exercises at home. I thought with it being Friday and not having a  baby sitter I could do home exercise. I decided to involve my daughters to make it even more fun. I went  on YouTube and chose Zumba class for 30 minutes free 30-minute workout. I then put on a class for first  beginners for Bachata and started teaching them that. I felt as even though I couldn’t go to the gym. I  created a great experience for my kids to do together and continue too.

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Behavior Change

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For this analysis, I have chosen the health behavior of physical activity. I believe that physical activity is an important behavior that needs to be improved or changed because it is crucial for maintaining overall health and well-being. Regular physical activity has numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, weight management, and enhanced mental well-being. It is important to me because I want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and I understand that physical activity plays a crucial role in achieving that goal.


My short-term goal is to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity, such as brisk walking or jogging, five days a week. My long-term goal is to incorporate strength training exercises into my routine and gradually increase my overall fitness level. I chose these goals based on recommendations from the book and other reliable resources, which emphasize the importance of both aerobic and strength training exercises for overall health and fitness.

To improve my behavior of physical activity, I have taken several steps. Firstly, I have made a commitment to join a gym and establish a routine. This includes going to the gym consistently and participating in different types of exercises such as treadmill, elliptical, and stair master. Additionally, I have purchased an elliptical machine for my home, which provides convenience and flexibility for exercising. This allows me to continue my physical activity even when I am unable to go to the gym due to time constraints or other barriers.

However, I have also encountered some barriers to change. Moving to a new location and having to pack and unpack boxes created challenges in finding time and energy to go to the gym. Additionally, being sick and experiencing a severe headache hindered my ability to engage in physical activity. Despite these setbacks, I understand the importance of rest and listening to my body’s needs, which sometimes means prioritizing rest over exercise.

Throughout this journey, I have had both setbacks and successes. Some days, I lacked the energy and motivation to go to the gym, but I still made an effort to engage in physical activity at home. On other days, I successfully completed my planned workouts and felt a sense of accomplishment. I have also received support from friends and family who have encouraged and motivated me along the way.


I believe that I have made significant progress in improving my behavior of physical activity, although there have been some challenges and setbacks. While I may not have successfully accomplished all my goals every single day, I have consistently made efforts to incorporate physical activity into my daily routine. After this class has ended, I plan to continue this behavior change by setting new goals and finding new ways to stay active, such as exploring different exercise classes or outdoor activities.

If I were to do this assignment again, I would still pick the same goal of improving my physical activity behavior. Engaging in regular physical activity has been beneficial for my overall well-being, and I want to continue prioritizing my health and fitness.

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